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Movies names that sound like you are taking a poop

Top Movie Names
Gone With The Wind
Operation Dumbo Drop
The Remains of the Day
Children of the Corn
The Running Man
Lord of the Flies
The Blob

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
The Green Mile
The Whole 9 Yards
The Rock
Big Friendly Giant
Bring it On: All or Nothing
Black Snake Moan
Clear and Present Danger
reality bites
Forrest Gump
Loose Cannons
Full Moon in Blue Water
The Fast and The Furious
My favorite year
What about Bob?
Little Giants
The Gummi Bears
A String of Pearles
Lay it Down
The Hulk
Run Silent Run Deep
20,000 Leagues under the Sea
Crimson Tide
Blood Simple
The Morning After
Tales from the Crypt
Along Came Polly
Cheaper by the Dozen
Back Draft
The Blob
The Insider
the Wild Thornberries
The Thing
What Lies Beneath
Children of the Corn
Black Beauty
The Brown Bunny
Major Payne
Deep Impact
The Happy Ending
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Midnight Run
Blackhawk Down
Running on Empty
Sweet and Lowdown
Reign of Fire
Very Bad Things
Lord of the Flies
the lost boys
The Great Escape
The Right Stuff
Logan's Run
Howards End
Old Yeller
the fallen idol
Soylent Green
Bringing Out The Dead
Dirty Work
Mission Impossible
Out to Sea
The Neverending Story
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Drop Zone
Night Shift
Naked Gun 2: The Smell of Fear
All the President's Men
Cast Away
Fried Green Tomatoes
Swamp Thing
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms
Oh God: the movie
Like Water for Chocolate
Blazing Saddles
The Towering Inferno
Midnight Express
Creature from the Black Lagoon
Stuck On You
Rosemary's Baby
The Untouchables
The Last of the Mochicans
Cry freedom
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
To Kill a Mockingbird
Big Trouble in Little China
The Natural
Gone in 60 Seconds
Run Silent, Run Deep
For Your Eyes Only
The Boiler Room
Sweet Smell Of Success
Bring it On
Return of the King
The 7 year itch
Rush Hour
2 Fast 2 Furious
Every Which Way But Loose
Operation dumbo drop
A Star is Born
Falling Down
An Amazing Couple
It Happened One Night
One From the Heart
My Baby's Daddy
Young Black Stallion
Pieces of April
Force Of Evil
The Accidental Tourist
12 O'Clock High
The Little Mermaid
The Long Grey Line
The Quick and the Dead
Brute Force
Coffee and Cigarettes
Flushed Away
Cool As Ice
Rear Window
Live and Let Die
Purple Rain
You Got Served
Easy Come, Easy Go
A Fine Mess
The Harder They Fall
The Big Shot
Dark Victory
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
The Longest Day
The Big Squeeze
Don't Bother to Knock
The Fireball
River of No Return
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Blast from the Past
Whale Rider
Breaking Away
crouching tiger, hidden dragon
Forced Landing
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
See Spot Run
The Lemon Drop Kid
Fast Trip Long Drop
A Ship Is Born
Help! (Ringo ran out of paper!)
You Can't Take It With You
Exit Wounds
On Deadly Ground
Tank Girl
Waiting to Exhale
Death to Smoochy
Monkey Business
Made in America
Black Moon Rising
Blown Away
Passing Glory
Drop Dead Fred
Huge and Massive
Gone With the Wind
Lorenzo's Oil
The Killing
The Prisoner
Romancing the Stone
Duck Soup
Double Impact
The Corruptor
The Abyss
Romper stomper
The Ox-Bow Incident
Curly Sue
Dirty Dancing
The Harder They Fall
The Desperate Hours
The African Queen
In a Lonely Place
Chain Lightning
Dark Passage
Action in the North Atlantic
The Big Shot
All Through The Night
Invisible Stripes
Dark Victory
Angels with Dirty Faces
The Triplets of Belleville
Touching the Void
Private Parts
Double Trouble
Fireball 500
Groundhog Day
Born Free
The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
It Came from the Black Lagoon
Three Amigos
With 6 you get Eggroll
The Sound of Music
To Have and Have Not
Flaming Star
Change of Habit
High Plains Drifter
Toxic Avenger
Nothing but Trouble
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles - "Secret of the Ooze"
Barry Gordy's Last Dragon

Days of Thunder
Deepwater Horizon
Snakes on a Plane
Fat Man and Little Boy
Drowning Mona
Strange Brew
Bronco Billy
Blood Work
Big Daddy
Wag The Dog
Thin Red Line
Living Out Loud
Marathon Man
Breaking Away
Foul Play
That Thing You Do
Stand and Deliver
Dirty Rotten Scroundrels
My Dinner With Andre
Yellow submarine
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Mean Streak
Altered States
Jackie Brown
The Bear
The Rundown
True Grit
The Breakfast Club
The Longest Yard
The Color Purple
The Running Man
Extreme Measures
No Way Out
All Night Long
The Split
Remember the Titans
Little Monsters
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Big Business
Final Destination
For Better or Worse
Down to You
No Mercy
Natural, The
Mother Lode
The Big Easy
The Big Hit
Foxy Brown
Hard Boiled
Waiting for Guffman
Pearl Harbor
Forces of Nature
Going All the Way
Head Above Water
Total Eclipse
Hope Floats
The Vanishing
Still Breathing
Swing Shift
The Jerk
View from the Top
Silent Fall
Blow Out
The Big Lebowski
The ring
The Remains Of The Day
Hamburger Hill
Donnie Darko
Free Willy
American Beauty
From Here to Eternity
The Unsinkable Molly Brown
The Iron Giant
Splendor in the Grass
Looking for Mister Goodbar
Small Soldiers
Great Expectations
Winnie the Pooh's Grand Adventure
The Core
Scent of a Woman
The Big Red One
A River Runs Through It
Fire down below
The Producers
First Blood
Some Came Running
Internal Affairs
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Body of Evidence
The Firm
On Golden Pond
Two if By Sea
The Dirty Dozen
Mixed Nuts
From The Hip
Basic Instinct
The Poseidon Adventure
Risky Business
Total Recall
Dr. Doolittle
The Human Stain
The Wrath of Khan
House Party
The Sting
The Two Towers
Pitch Black
Cable Guy
The Nutty Professor
Dirty Harry
Big Fish
Sudden Impact
Deep Rising
King Kong
The fifth element
Something's Gotta Give
A Mighty Wind
The good, the bad and the ugly
Spice World
Sometimes They Come Back
The Waterboy
Bringing Down The House
In The Line Of Fire
To Sir, With Love
Mr. Holland's Opus
Broken Arrow
The Pelican Brief
The Mission
Chicken Run
Honey, I shrunk the kids
The Princess and the Pea
Goodbye, Mr. Chips
The French Connection
On the Beach
Dawn of the Dead
The Sweet Smell of Success
The Crying Game
As Good As It Gets
The Magnificent Seven
What's Behind the Green Door
Apocalypse Now
Some Like It Hot
Joe Versus the Volcano
Thunder Road
Booty Call
Dirty Pretty Things
Water World
Any Which Way You Can
The Desperate Hours
Dark Passage
Up the River
Hollow Man
Domestic Disturbance
The Linguini Incident
If These walls Could Talk
While You were sleeping
CannonBall Run
The Postman Always Rings Twice
The Sound and the Fury
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
Making Mr. Right
Meet Joe Black
Casanova Brown
The Devil's Rain
Saturday Night Fever
Black Like Me
To hell and back
Legends of the Fall
When Hell Was In Session
One Fine Day
The Third Man
collateral damage
The Voyage Home
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
Toxic Avenger
Torn Curtain
Best in Show
Panic Room
The Big Kahuna
Watership Down
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Earnest Goes to Splash Mountain
Here comes the Pain
A Hard Days Night
Anger Management
Slim to None
The Insider
Deep Six
Goin' South
The Last of the Finest
A low down dirty shame
enemy at the gates
Stay Away, Joe
Jailhouse Rock
Harum Scarum
It Happened at the World's Fair
The Phantom Menace
Away all Boats
Black Legion
Up the River
Escape from Alcatraz
Batman Returns
Die Hard
Pretty Woman

The following is a list of some possible poop related movie names:

Top Movie Names
O Brother, Where Fart Thou?
Along Came A Spiral
The Brown Mile
Forrest Dump
The Perfect Corn
The Princess Diarrheas
American Cowpie
Flush Hour
American Doody

101 Contractions
20,000 Logs Under The Pee
8 Turtleheads in a Duffle Bag
9 1/2 Inches
A Clockwork Brown
A Fistful of Charmin
A Fistula Full of Dollars
A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Bathroom
A Knight's Tail
A League of Their Groans
A Log Of Their Own
A Plopwork Orange
A Plug's Life
A Raisin in the Runs
A Shit in the Dark
A Very Brady Defecation
Accidental Turdist
Affair of the Fart
Alice Doesn't Shit Here Anymore
Almost Fumous
Along Came A Spiral
American Buffalo Chips
American Cowpie
American Doody
American Sweetfarts
An Officer And A Gentle Bathroom Tissue
Anatomy of a Turder
Andromeda Stain
Angela's Asses
Any Which Way But Deuce
Apoocalypse Now
As Good as it Shits
Ass Man Standing
Backdoor Canteen
Bang the Bum Slowly
Bare-ass Fueler
Basic End Stink
Basic Instink
Batman and Ploppin
Behind Enema Lines
Being in the John Malkovich
Beverly Hills Plop
Big Doody
Big Plop Pee Wee
Blade Runny
Bobbin Turd: Men On Toilets
Bowel Trouble in Little China
Bowl Wars I: The Phantom Anus
Boys Don't Wipe
Bridget Jones' Diarrhea
Brown and Out in Beverly Hills
Brown Streak
Bye Bye Turdy
Charlie and the Chocolate Starfish
Charlie and the Hershey Squirt Factory
Charlie's Anals
Charlie's Taintholes
Chicken Runs
Children of the Cornhole
Citizen Stain
Clear And Present Dangler
Close Encounters of the Turd Kind
Come Back, Little Shitta
Constipation Theory
Crack to the Future
Crap (starring Gregory Hineys)
Crapping Tiger, Shitting Dragon
Crappy Gilmore
Crapylips Now
Crocodile Dungdee
Desentery Rides Again
Desperately Stinking Susan
Deuce Cannons
Diarrhea of Anne Frank
Dirty Pantsing
Dog Doo Afternoon
Domestic Disturdance
Done in 60 Seconds
Don't Say A Turd
Doo The Right Thing
Doodie Call
Dr. Doodielittle
Dr. Poolittle
Dr. Strangedump
Drying Miss Daisy
Dude, Where's Your Bathroom?
Dump and Dumper
Dung Frankenstein
Dunghole Fever
Dungo & Rash
Easy Slider
Edward Shittyhands
El Slid
Emission Impossible
Emission to Mars
Enema at the Gates
Enema Mine
Ernest Goes to Crap
Even Cowpies Get the Blues
Every Which Way But Loose Stool
Ew, Jack Shitty
Ex-Lax Men
Fannie Hall
Farewell My ChunkySlime
Fart Apache
Farting in Cars with Boys
Farts in Atlantis
Fecal Attraction
Fecal B. Demented
Fecal Weapon
Feces of Death
Fire Down Below (no change)
Fistulas of Fury
Flush Flush Sweet Charlotte
Flush Hour
Forever Dung
Forrest Dump
Forrest Grunt
Four Gruntings and a Tootsie Roll
Four Wettings And A Urinal
Frankenstein's Monster Shit
Fume Raider
Gas who's Coming to Dinner?
Gas, Food, Logging
George Of The Bunghole
Gone With The Flush
Good Will Grunting
Great Constipations
Gross Poop Stank
Groundhog Dump
Grunting Old Men
Hairy Plopper and the Sorcerer's Throne
Hairy Trotter
Hannah and her Shitters
High Plains Sniffer
Honey, I Flushed the Kids
Honey, I Stunk The Kids
House Potty
How The Mess Was Dung
How The Pinch Stunk Christmas
I Forced One
I Know What You Shit Last Summer
Incontinence Day
Indiana Throne and The Colon of Doom
Intestinal Jones and the Temple of Poop
Invasion of the Potty Snatchers
It's a Wonderful Wipe
It's the Great Blumpkin, Charlie Brown
Jumping Jack Splash
King Rear
Lady and the Cramp
Lady in Brown
Last Dangle in Paris
Left Behind
Lethal Wiping
Little Lord Fartleroy
Load House
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Bowels
Logan's Runs
Long Days Journey into Shite
Look Who's Plopping
Lorenzo's Soil
Mary Ploppins
Mary Poopins
Mary, Queen of Squats
Max Keeble's Big Movement
Memphis Bowel
Men in Brown
Mickey Brown Eyes
Midnight Cowpie
Midnight Runs
Midnight Trouboy
Mighty Joe Bung
Monkey Throne
Monster stInc
Mr. Smith Goes In Washington
Mrs. Fartfire
My Best Friend's Wetting
Little Shop of Horrors
Baby Boom
Heavy Metal
A Fish Called Wanda
Animal House
Beauty and the Beast
Freaky Friday
Grosse Point Blank
Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Lost in Translation
Present Tense, Past Perfect
She's Back
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Speed Zone
Spring Fling of Glamour and Comedy
Terror Train
The Great White North
The Grudge
The House of Mirth
Toronto Rocks
Two-Fisted Tales
Naked Bum
National Lampoo's Enema House
Night Shit
Nuns With the Runs
O Brother, Where Fart Thou?
Of Movements and Men
Once Upon a Commode in America
One Flew Over the Poo Poo's Nest
Only Poo
Ordinary Pee Hole
Pains, Stains, And Gotta Move Bowels
Peeter Pan
Piss of the Splatter Woman
Plan #2 From Outer Space
Planet of the Dangling Ass Apes
Planted by the Apes
Plumb And Plumber
Police Squat
Polyp Friction
Poo Chips
Poo Lane Blacktop
Poop Brown and the Seven Dwarves
Poop Friction
Poop, Flies and Videotape
Poopiefilled Girls
Quilted Northern By Northwest
Raging Bowel
Rebel Without a Poo
Rectum for a Dream
Remains of Bidet
Reservoir Logs
Return of the Browneye
Revenge of the Turds
Riding In Cars With Cramps
Rocky Torture Sphincter Blow
Romancing the Throne
Romeo and Toilet
Runny Girl
Scary Movement
Scary Poopie
Scent of a Warm One
Schindler's Grist
Schindler's Load
Seems Like Old Turds
Shakespeare In Lav
Shat Race
Shit Happened One Night
Shitfest at Tiffanys
Shitty Shitty Bang Bang
Shitty Slickers
Shitz the Cat
Sleeping with the Enema
Sloppy Hollow
Snow Falling on Seaters
So I Married an Ass Murderer
Some Kind of Toiletbowl
Space Cramp
Splash of the Titans
Splat on a Hot Tin Roof
Squirtical Limit
Stain Man
Starship Poopers
Stephen King's "Shit"
Stinky Hollow
Stool Hand Luke
Stool Intentions
Stool Runnings
Straining Day
Strange Glaze
Strange Poo
Swirl, Interrupted
Tails from the Crypt
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtleheads
Texas Chainpull Massacre
That Thing You Doo
That Thing You Pooed
The Big Lebowelski
The Big Spill
The Blob (no change)
The Brown Eye Express
The Brown Hole
The Brown Mile
The Butty Expressor
The Color Brown
The Craps of Wrath
The Dark Crusthole
The Emperor's Huge Poo
The Empile Squirts Back
The Empire Wipes Back
The Excrement Files
The Exorshitst
The General's Dooker
The Ghost and Mr. Shittin
The Gland that Rocks the Cradle
The GodFarter: Part Doo-Doo
The Great Asscape
The Great Gassyve
The Great Muppet Wiper
The Green Pile
The Grunt For Red October
The Gruntuate
The Grunty Professor
The Incredible Stinking Man
The Island of Dr. Cornhole
The Legend Of Baggy Pants
The Lion Cling
The Little Turdgrave
The Load Warrior
The Long and Winding Load
The Lost Turd: Yourassisdark
The Man Who Pooped Too Much
The Man With One Red Poo
The Man With the Golden Dung
The Man With Two Drains
The Monster Squat
The Mound Of Poosic
The Muck of the Irish
The Odessa Piles
The Out House Rules
The Out of Browners
The Outhousers
The Parallex Phew
The Parent Crap
The Perfect Corn
The Perfect Shit Storm
The Phew from the Bridge
The Philadelphia Excrement
The Postman Always Wipes Twice
The Prince of Slides
The Princess Diarrheas
The Raw Stank Redemption
The Red Balloon Knot
The Red Poo Diarrehas
The Shitter House Rules
The Silence of the Cramps
The Skid Mark of Zorro
The Stench Connection
The Stink Pantser
The Thomas Brown Affair
The Three Feces of Eve
The Toilet Paper Chase
The Turd Power
The Turdcage
The Turdinator
The Turds
The Unbearable Lightness of Beans
The Unflushables
The Wedding Sphincter
The Wetting Singer
The Wizard Of Aaahs
The Wizard Of Ooze
There's Something About Mary's Poop
Three Men and a Little Floaty
Throne Cold
Throw Mama On The Stain
Thunderbolt and Brownfoot
To Kill a Mockingturd
Tour Of Doody
Tremors 2: Afterblock
Trotting Hill
Turd on a Wire
Turdman of Alcatraz
Turds of Endearment
Turdy Dancing
Untamed Fart
Viva Las Taintass
Waiting to Excrete
Wall Streak
What's Gilbert Grape Eating?
White Men Can't Dump
Wipe the Dog
Wipeless in Seattle
Wiping Miss Daisy
You're-a-peein' Defication
Oceans Eleven
Canadian Bacon
She's Having a Baby
The Arrow
The Perfect Storm
Wild Things
Larger Than Life
The Rutles
Armed and Dangerous
Fierce Creatures
Attack of the Clones
Blue Steel
Bright Young Things
Christmas with the Kranks
Circle of Friends
Come Back, Little Sheeba
Exit to Eden
Feeling Minnesota
Night of the Twisters
Nothing But Trouble
The Couch Trip
The Empire Strikes Back
The Others
The Random Factor
The Return of the Jedi
The Royal Tenenbaums
Tommy Boy

Rock band names that sound like you are taking a poop:

Die Trying, Drag-On, Down, Drowning Pool, Flaming Lips, Garbage, House of Pain, Heavy D, Too Short, Wreckx n Effect, Korn, Butthole Surfers, more music groups coming soon...

TV show names that sound like you are taking a poop:
The View, Bowl Championship Series, Push Nevada, Beyond Belief, Fashionably Loud, Made, The Book of Pooh, more tv shows coming soon...

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